Open competitions in Scotland's Selkirk Golf Clu

Open competitions in Scotland

The crippling hold of Covid-19 on open competitions in Scotland has been a huge setback for numerous golf clubs. Tournaments have been pushed forward or cancelled outright. With the lifting of restrictions on travel and hospitality, our dear auld Selkirk Golf Club is proud to host 6 amateur open tournaments this year.

6 Incredible Amateur Tournaments to Hold This Year

From 1 June – 6 September 2021, Selkirk Golf Club will host three team tournaments, two individual competitions, and a Mixed Pairs Open. This is the perfect opportunity to experience the picturesque, lush green, hilly terrain of the historic Selkirk Golf Course. The Gents Seniors Team Open holds on 1 June 2021 and 6 September 2021. The former event will take on a Team of 3 Strokeplay format, while a Team of 3 Texas Scramble will be applied in September. The Mixed Pairs Open will follow the Greensomes format.

Entry into open competitions in Scotland this year will be governed by the New World Handicap System (WHS). This new system converts a player’s Handicap Index into a Course Handicap and a Playing Handicap during competitions. Tournament entry fees start from £12 for individual tournaments and £24 for team games.

Why Selkirk Golf Club?

Open competitions in Scotland this year are likely to serve as a sweet escape from home confinement to the broad ethers of comforting greenery. Selkirk Golf Club wears these traits on its sleeve. The unique golf courses, fine dining, and incredibly fascinating history of Selkirk town and its eponymous club only add to the intrigue.