Golf Courses Scotland

Golf Courses In Scotland – A Two Minute Guide

Selkirk golf club is just one of over 550 golf courses in wee bonny Scotland. Per capita, there are more golf courses in Scotland than anywhere else globally! Enjoy scenic little nine holers like Selkirk, or visit the most famous golf courses where the best players compete at international tournaments. The choice is yours!

For a golf break that has it all, enjoy playing the game on local courses and taking in the breathtaking scenery of Scotland. You can also spectate at some of the best tournaments.

The History Of Golf In Scotland

The game of golf originates in Scotland, perhaps owing to the hills and landscape that make it perfect for the game. It has been played in Scotland for centuries. In the 15th century, Scottish savages would presumably relax by playing a game known then as ‘gowf.’

In 1764, the Links at St Andrew’s, now referred to as the Old Course, was reduced from 22 holes to 18. It’s amazing to consider that this was the birth of the classic game, still going strong more than 250 years later.

Golf Courses in Scotland

If you are looking to head to some of the most famous golf courses in Scotland, don’t miss these out:

  • St Andrews Golf Course
  • Gleneagles Golf Course
  • Trump Turnberry Resort

Golf In Scotland

If you want to play at these top golf courses, then, of course, you’ll need to book. You can grab tickets to watch events but expect sky-high prices and booked up local hotels, so make sure you plan in advance.

If you want to play at one of the most prestigious clubs going, then expect some hefty prices. St Andrew’s links offer a ballot system to play at the Old Course to avoid inaccessible pricing. The Trump Turnberry has three courses, and it’s good to know that everyday prices for the 9-hole Arran golf course are a maximum of £40 per day. If you want to play The Alisa at Trump Turnberry, where four Open championships are played, then visitors not staying as a hotel guest are asked to pay £575 for a day pass from May through to October.