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the Selkirk weather

Fun Activities To Indulge In Despite The Selkirk Weather

Are you dreaming of a pleasant location where the summer is mild and the winter even cooler? Selkirk Scotland is one such place. Located on the Ettrick Water, Selkirk is a royal burgh with a rich history. The earliest Scotts settled there. So did a community of the famed monks of the Order of Tiron. Even Mungo Park was born there.

Summer And Winter, Made In Heaven

Summer in Selkirk is warm. Daytime temperatures max out at 19°C, while temperatures drop to about 10°C at night. Selkirk experiences rainfalls during summer, but nothing too heavy. With the constant cloud cover, summertime weather in Selkirk is perfect for outdoor activities like horse riding, cycling, or playing golf at the Selkirk golf club.

During winter, Selkirk becomes one of the coldest places in Scotland. The typical daytime temperature is about 5.5°C, while it can get as low as -0.5°C at night. It snows during winter in Selkirk, peaking at 2.0 inches sometime in January. Winter is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating on ice rinks. You would love the extreme air sports taking place indoors in trampoline parks.

Just Have Fun!

It doesn’t matter what period of the year you visit, Selkirk weather is perfect for lots of fun activities to engage you. The residents warmly welcome visitors and readily immerse them in the local culture – food, dances, or folklore. Lastly, while you are in town, keep an eye out for the old textile mills which dot the landscape.