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Comfortable Golf Attire

Golf Attire – Dress Well To Play Well

Top golfers might have different clubs and playing styles, but one thing that will seem common is their golf attire. Having the right shoes and comfortable shirts & pants go a long way in landing the perfect hit. In golf, even the type of socks do matter, and that’s why ankle-length socks are recommended for shorts and tube socks are also permitted. Gloves also do come in handy for a proper grip of the club.

Your Head To Toe Look

Hats aren’t a necessity, but they do come in handy when the sun shines bright. You can have a visor or baseball cap on to maintain your gaze. As for shirts, golfers can wear a polo collar shirt for hot days and sweaters & golf jackets for cold days. Polyester and cotton pants are the long-length trousers that are recommended, but players are free to wear comfortable shorts. Lastly, your shoes must have the right spikes to give you the perfect swing and allow ample traction to walk. In golf, attire is everything, so dress well to play well.