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Selkirk Golf Course Pro Shop

Golfers should consider their equipment carefully before playing or taking a trip to Selkirk Golf Club. Consider if equipment can be repaired before making a purchase. It may be an opportunity to upgrade the equipment if your equipment can’t be repaired. Upgrading equipment can give you a slight advantage on the fairway if the equipment matches your needs.

Get Good Advice

Come to an equipment fitting with ideas about what you would like to purchase and why. Think about your budget and consider improvements to your equipment for the long term. It is then up to the professionals to give you good advice about the latest equipment and its suitability. They will advise you of your casual or competitive playing needs.

Selkirk Golf Course Pro Shop has trained staff that love to play the game. They also have an excellent knowledge of the common issues that prevent players from taking advantage of their equipment. Players need the best quality equipment that will last for many years. Good advice will ensure that your equipment will not let you down during your game for years to come.

Get Fitted

Selkirk Golf Course Pro Shop will help you get fitted and ensure that you use the right clubs and equipment for your swing and stance. A fitting will consider your height, grip and much more. The fitter will match you with equipment to suit your body movements and ensure you play at your best.