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Selkirk restaurant fine dining

Selkirk Golfing Goes Hand In Hand With Fine Dining

After enjoying a great round of gold at a pristine Selkirk golf course, what’s next? Well, many golfers work up quite an appetite so the next plausible thing to do is to find a restaurant. Luckily, the town of Selkirk is known for it’s fine dining restaurants. You can enjoy a well prepared meal after a fun day of golfing. What better way to continue your fabulous day than by enjoying a world-class meal?

Enjoy world-class dishes at Selkirk Golf Club

It’s only natural to work up an appetite after a a few rounds of golf. The good news is you can choose from restaurants like The Waterwheel Cafe that offer a wide range of food to adorn any palate. Most restaurants in the area come with stunning views of the lush greenery that Selkirk is well known for. What’s ideal about the Selkirk area is that there are many locations that you can choose to enjoy a fine meal while basking in the ambience of the well preserved area. It’s location provides for astonishing views and enhanced relaxation.