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Willie Park Snr - The Legendary Golfer Of Selkirk Golf Club

Willie Park Snr – The Legendary Golfer of Selkirk Golf Club

Born in 1833, Willie Park Snr was a legendary Scottish golfer. He was a professional player widely known as an indomitable champion of the inaugural British Open. Likewise, he is also considered as one of the founders of professional golf. When the legendary golf players of the 19th century are counted, Willie Park Snr is regarded as one of the greatest golf players.

What you didn’t know About Willie Park Snr

Willie Park, Sr. is among the only two golfers to have successfully won both Open Championship accolades as well as the Challenge Belt and the Claret Jug. The other player was Young Tom Morris. The rivalry between him and Tom Morris Sr. sustained the tournament in its foundational years up to the time Young Tom Morris emerged. For the first eight years the championships ran, Willie Park Snr managed to be crowned a champion three times while Old Tom was declared a champion four times.